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First Year Experience

Welcome to First Year Experience!

At mg游戏APP, we know that leaving home to attend university is a considerable transition for both students and families. This is true whether you are coming from the mainland, another country, or are from right here in Hawai'i. We encourage you to take advantage of the activities, events, and dialogues that take place when you arrive on campus. Getting involved right from the start and continuing to seek out opportunities to learn and engage will help you make lasting friendships, perform well academically, and develop skillsets that will help you succeed in the future.

These pages will hopefully get you familiar with the various services our office provides to students joining the mg游戏APP community. From day one, we are getting you familiar with campus during new student orientation and creating programs that will get you engaged in the greater Oahu environment. We hope you take advantage of the (often free) events and opportunities provided by the Office of First Year Programs!



The Office of First Year Programs (FYP) develops and implements comprehensive programs and services that promote, support and enhance the academic and co-curricular experiences of first year students at mg游戏APP. In partnership with various departments within both Academic and Student Affairs, FYP works collaboratively to provide academic and student support services, foster learning communities, develop students' leadership skills, acclimate first-year students to university life, and connect new students with returning students, faculty, and staff.

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Address: 1 Aloha Tower Drive, Honolulu, HI 96813

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